Shemiras Halashon Halachos

Hilchos Rechilus, chapter 6, section 5 6

If one heard the rechilus from a person whom one believes as much as two witnesses testifying in court, one may still not believe him. Some people believe the rechilus they hear from their father, mother, or wife, thinking they would certainly not lie to them. This is a mistake.

Hilchos Rechilus, chapter 6, section 7

All of this was true in the time of the Talmud, but in our days a person may not say I trust that man as much as two witnesses. Therefore it is forbidden in a situation like that to accept his words, we can however be concerned about his statement. Many people error even if they are normally careful about the laws of gossip and tail bearing but they will listen to their family members and trust their family members because they feel their family members would never lie to them. This is a mistake, there is no difference if the gossiper is someone you trust or not.