Chofetz Chaim – Introduction (6)

In addition, I have written a long, inclusive opening to this book where I explain the negative and positive commands a person generally transgresses if he is not careful regarding the bitter prohibition against lashon hara and rechilus. Perhaps Hashem will help one subdue the evil inclination when he sees the great damage and stumbling he causes through his speech.
Besides this, the Midrash Raba Parshas Neso (14:4) states: “If you labored much in their words, the Holy One will remove the evil inclination from you.” Therefore, I said to myself, perhaps by studying this book, which is gathered from all sorts of citations from the Rishonim concerning this matter, and think about it, the evil inclination will have less power in this matter.
Automatically, if a person initially draws himself a little away from this sin, with time he will remove himself from it completely. Besides regarding this sin, much depends on habit, and someone comes to purify himself he is assisted (Yuma 38b). In this merit, may the redeemer come to Zion soon in our days, amen.